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I born in Beijing, China, I finished my Bachelor Degree in Guizhou University within Network Engineering Program. I moved to Canada since 2014 to pursue my Master Degree at Acadia University. I have passed Thesis Oral Exam in Jan 2018 and have been confirmed to graduated after May, 2018.

I am currently living in Wolfville, Nova Scotia where is the location of Acadia University. It a peaceful lovely town, I am really enjoy the life here, I am willing to find a job in this country. I am open to be relocated to any city within this Maple State.

I love travel, watching sports game. I spent most of my spare time to read coding books and surf on some technique Website.

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My project

Master Thesis:


An electroencephalograph, known as an EEG, is of great interest to the medical research community. The waveform of EEG data has a high level of similarity to that of audio signals. In this thesis, theories and principles of a very popular audio compression tool|the Free Lossless Audio Codec|will be discussed. FLAC applies the traditional audio compression structure, which is used by a variety of lossless audio compression techniques. Spectral analysis will be used to extract the frequency components from signals and these will be used to construct an alternative predictor. The created FFT-FLAC encoder achieved a compression ratio of 0.494 for a long- term EEG dataset. Another new predictor using the Wavelet Neural Network will be tested on EEG signals to show the potential of machine learning techniques for this field. Because EEGs are virtually always multi-channel data, the use of intra-channel redundancy to improve compression ratios is investigated.




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MSc Computer Science

Acadia University(2014-2018)


BSc Network Engineering

Guizhou University(2009-2013)


My skills

When I do the research on my thesis, I use Python with some of its strong library like: Numpy, Matplotlib,etc, to finish experiments. I am very proficiency with Data Structure and Algorithm. I am also keeping high passion on web construct and Database build. Therefore I have read several PHP & MYSQL books, I bulit several Admin System for myself and my friend which can make our interaction more convenient. Recently, I am play with webpage spider(crawler) skills with PYTHON's library. Collect data from internet, store them on remote MySQL database and apply Data analyst knowledge to know something amazing facts, I am also study Machine learning Techniques and will do some prediction with the data. I am very proficiency with IOS development and I have shipped two apps to IOS store, I am very familiar with the pulish process.

Swift & Ios development
Java & Android development
HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, BOOTSTRAP& jquery
Machine Learning & Data Science

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10 Summer St, Po Box 2638, Wolfville, Ns, Canada

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